Indian-origin UK dentist banned for having an alleged affair with his patient

Indian origin UK dentist banned for having an alleged affair with his patient pardesi news 1468205477

An Indian-origin dentist in the UK was recently banned from the dental profession for having an 18-month-long affair with one of his married female patient.

An unusual case has been registered against an Indian-origin dentist who was supposedly having an affair with his married female patient for 18 months. This is considered to be misconduct and Dr. Parag Patel, 53, has been banned by the UK medical council for this breach of professional boundaries. The accused doctor is also a married man, trained to be a dentist at the Royal Dental School and ran a successful practice on Harley Street in London.

The UK General Dental Council (GDC) ruled that, "Breaching professional boundaries, providing free treatment whilst encouraging physical contact and engaging in a long-term sexual relationship with a patient represented a wholesale departure from the standards expected of a dental professional”.

According to the reports the female patient was being encouraged to leave her religion, she was even stalked by the Doctor even after the relationship ended. This behavior of Dr. Parag has been considered to be deplorable by the GDC for the fellow doctors and has been highly condemned.

The female has recorded her statements and has said that she was willful about this affair in the beginning because Dr. Parag who is 53 years old would convince her by twisting words and calling her as his soul mate and encouraged her to divorce her husband. She was even constantly asked to convert as Church is a load of rubbish. After 18 month of relationship when she ended it Dr. Parag would stalk her for days, that is how she filed a case and the doctor is now banned from practicing.

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