Indian-origin physicist donates $11 million to the US varsity, largest ever in the history

Indian origin physicist donates 11 million to UCLA largest ever in the history pardesi news 1467910079

An $11 million gift to UCLA from an Indian-origin physicist and philanthropist Mani Bhaumik will establish a center devoted to advancing knowledge of the basic laws of nature.

An Indian-origin noted Physicist and philanthropist has donated $11 million to the UCLA University (University of California, Los Angeles) to establish a center devoted to advancing knowledge of the basic laws of nature. This is the largest donation ever to an institute in the known history.

Thanking the generous grant, the UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said that, “I thank Mani Bhaumik for his philanthropic leadership and for believing in UCLA”.

The Mani L Bhaumik Institute for Theoretical Physics, at ULCA named behind the Physicist is supposed to become the world-leading center for theoretical physics research and intellectual inquiry.

This institute will host visiting scholars, organize seminars and conferences for the academic community, and begin a public outreach programme to teach the community about scientific advances made by the UCLA physicists.

Mr. Bhaumik, originally hails from a remote village in West Bengal. During his childhood, he has seen the tough days of Poverty and after rising from there he has come a long way to become an eminent scientist who has played a key role in developing the laser technology that paved the way for Lasik eye surgery. Interestingly, as a teenager, he had also spent some time with Mahatma Gandhi in his Mahisadal camp.

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