New technology could deliver drugs to brain injuries, discovers Indian-origin researcher

New technology could deliver drugs to brain injuries discovers Indian origin researcher pardesi news 1467950446

Indian-origin, researcher develops technology to aid in driving drugs or nanoparticles to injured areas of the brain.

Once again an Indian-origin researcher with other researchers has successfully developed a new technology that intends to driving drugs or the nano-particles to injured areas of the brain, leading to new therapeutics for traumatic brain injuries.

This will surely pave a new path for the medical science and will open doors for many successful diagnosis and cure.

According to the lead author Aman Mann, post-doctoral researcher at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) in the US, "Current interventions for acute brain injury are aimed at stabilising the patient by reducing intracranial pressure and maintaining blood flow, but there are no approved drugs to stop the cascade of events that cause secondary injury”.

These researchers have discovered the four amino acids sequence, cysteine, alanine, glutamine, and lysine (CAQK), which recognizes injured brain tissue. In a pilot experiment, conducted on mice, these amino acid sequences carried the drug-sized molecules and nano-particles to the damaged areas of the brain of the small rodent.

This successful experiment means that the drug could be given to the patient intravenously and this could still reach the site of injury in sufficient quantities to have an effect. The researchers have added that, “While the initial injury cannot be repaired, the damaging effects of breaking open brain cells and blood vessels that ensue over the following hours and days can be minimized”.

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