NRI Carnegie Mellon student wins Red Hat Open Source Award

NRI Carnegie Mellon student wins Red Hat Open Source Award pardesi news 1467786438

Innovative Indian-origin 'Women in Open Source' recognized at the Red Hat Summit.

An Indian-origin student at Carnegie Mellon University, Preeti Murthy has won the Open Source Award organised by Red Hat, along with the director of engineering at DropBox. 

During 2015, Red Hat, the world's leading US provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud services, had launched the "women in open source awards"   to honor women who make significant contributions to open source projects and communities, or those making innovative use of open source methods.

Ms Murthy has been an open source contributor for over 3 years and is pursuing a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering at the Varsity.  She worked on the Mono open source cross-compiler project as part of her undergraduate thesis, and was actively involved in the Linux users group.

Her contributions to the open source community include code, documentation, tutorials, open content, and other communication. Ms Murthy said she believes that “open source is where the best and most exciting software development is taking place and she intends to continue to share the belief with her peers”.


Red Hat Summit is the premier open source technology event to display the latest in cloud computing, platform, virtualization, etc. The nominations for this year's awards were accepted for two categories: academic and community. Preeti Murthy won the award in the former category.   

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