Australian PM rejects resignation calls

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Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has dismissed resignation calls after the recent elections in Australia that failed to produce a clear winner and raised the prospect of a hung parliament.

As the counting of the crucial 1.5 million postal and absentee votes, on have just begun, the Opposition Labour Party Leader Bill Shorten has called for embattled Australian Prime Minister Malcolm to quit as leader of the Liberal National Party coalition, claiming that he was “out of touch” and was unable to provide parliamentary “stability” which he promised to Australian voters throughout his campaign.  

A decisive result to determine the government still might not be known for days, while the final results from tightly-contested seats may be in limbo for weeks. As Initial vote counts were inconclusive, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) said it could take weeks to get a decisive result from all seats.  

The major parties require 76 seats for a majority in Canberra's lower house of parliament. Turnbull’s conservative coalition has secured 68 seats, opposition Labor 67, with 10 seats in doubt, according to the AEC.

Turnbull became the Australian prime minister in September, 2015 after ousting the controversial predecessor Tony Abbott in a party room vote in a bid to put the government in a position to win this year's election. He was the Australia's fourth leader in two years following a turbulent period in which sitting leaders were ousted by their own party.

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