India 'kidnapped' boy returns from Bangladesh, after going missing for six years

India kidnapped boy returns from Bangladesh after going missing for six years pardesi news 1467556966

An Indian boy, now united with the family, was found in Bangladesh six years after going missing from Delhi.

Indian officials brought Sonu, 13, to Delhi from Dhaka after a Bangladeshi court allowed him to fly back home.  Sonu had been kidnapped from the Indian capital in around 2010; he has now been reunited with his family. Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj confirmed his DNA had matched with his mother Mumtaz Begum.

An escalated mother, Ms. Begum said, she felt like "celebrating Eid today”.

The boy was discovered by a vigilant Bangladeshi national Jamal Ibn Musa. He alerted police to his whereabouts, and eventually traced his family to India. The boy was allegedly being made to work as a servant. "They [the alleged abductors] used to torture the boy and keep him busy with hard work around the day at my neighbor’s house. I informed the police about it around three years ago", said the Bangladeshi national.   

He also informed that he was finally able to rescue the boy in December, 2015 and produce him before a court. The court sent the boy to a children's welfare home after which Mr Musa started the process of tracing his family in India.  He decided to travel to Delhi to search for "a vague address" that the boy had provided to him. After a few days, he tracked down Sonu's parents in Delhi's Seema Puri area. "His parents were so happy to hear the news of their missing son," he said.

Ms Begum also said that Mr Musa was an ‘angel’.  "I can't thank him enough. He is a great man," she said.  The Indian EMA Ms Swaraj also expressed gratitude towards "those who looked after our young citizen in Bangladesh".

Two women, reportedly accused of abducting the boy from Delhi, are facing a criminal investigation in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi officials have not revealed details of his abduction ordeal but there are speculations that Sonu was kidnapped by a tenant living in his parent’s Delhi house in 2010 before being trafficked across the border.

In a similar case last year, a mute and deaf Indian woman who strayed into Pakistan for over a decade finally returned to her home country. However, she is yet to get united with her family. 

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