Australian-first Sikh Grammar School aims creating future leaders and fast bowlers

Australian first Sikh Grammar School aims creating future leaders and fast bowlers pardesi news 1467294949

Construction to start soon on the first Indian school in Australia, the Sikh Grammar

Australia’s first Sikh School in Sydney, , the Sikh Grammar is all set with three objectives and goals for its children - academic excellence, spiritual education and getting the next generation of fast bowlers into state and national cricket teams.

Based in Sikh faith the-one-of-its-kind school in Australia and New Zealand, the school will be situated on 10 acres of grassy land of Rouse Hill in the vicinity of Sikh community hubs of Kellyville and The Ponds. 

According to Kuldeep Singh, a member of the school's management committee, "We want to create future leaders in Australia — we want doctors, lawyers, we want politicians. We want Sikhs to be in the national parliament ... we want them in sporting teams and we want them in various other fields in life".

Construction of the first building has commenced in 2016 and Gurdwara Sahib (Sikh temple) along with co-educational primary school education will begin from 2017 and 2018, respectively. The local community has already collected 3.6 million AUD by now for the first of its seven buildings and the construction will begin in the coming three months.  The Sikh Grammar School, which has been in the works for seven years, has had a DA passed but is waiting for Australia’s Education Department approval.

The reason cited for such school is the existence of religion and faith specific schools in the region such as, 19 Jewish schools, 39 Islamic schools and about 1,700 Christian schools across Australia. There already are over 35,000 Sikhs and people of Indian origin in the region. Growing Indian population in western and north-west Sydney is behind the decision to establish the school in Rouse Hill.


A single faith school is also the result of a unique survey conducted in 2009 in Sydney and region around the results of which suggest a Sikh faith school in the region. Sikhism is a small but growing minority religion in Australia, which traces its origins to early 19th century.  

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