Few Indians in visa scam raped by employers, says an Australian report

Few Indians in visa scam raped by employers says an Australian report pardesi news 1467279834

An Australian NRI has helped the authorities to expose a large visa scam involving Indians moving to Australia, some of whom were exploited and in some cases raped by their bosses

According to an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report,  Jasvinder Sidhu a lecturer at a college in Melbourne has helped expose a large scandal that involves Indians paying huge sum to obtain fake skilled and student visas to permanently settle in Australia.  "Some of the fake visa-holders had gone on to be exploited, and in some cases raped, by their bosses,” says the ABC report.

Mr Sidhu was allegedly approached on the social media site - Facebook by a local ‘visa fixer’ who sought for a preface to Indians looking to migrate to Australia. Hidden cameras record the conversation as the fixer talks about arranging false paperwork in exchange for cash. In the covert footage, the fixer was seen claiming to line up corrupt employers who would create fictitious jobs. In a series of conversations, the visa fixer asked the investigator to find new visa applicants among his friends and family back in India. The fixer wanted a fee of $50,000 per case. The fixer said he could also organise student and IT visas.  

These revelations are part of a large investigation in Australia, which includes examining corruption among government officials.

Mr Sidhu said he had personally met around 40 Indians who had compensated for fake visas, only to be exploited by these unscrupulous fixers and bosses, some of whom even raped the women. The rape victims and victims of violence at work remain silent and generally do not complain.

Recently, the High Commission had also put out a notice, which says that few “Indian nationals, who have recently arrived in or migrated to Australia, have been receiving fraudulent calls from unauthorised persons about their Australian visa/immigration status”

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