Muscat gets to witness the flavours of Sanjeev Kapoor

Muscat gets to witness the flavours of Sanjeev Kapoor pardesi news 1459247699

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, recipient of the Best Executive Chef of India Award and the Mercury Gold Award in Geneva, has opened a restaurant in Muscat.

India's most popular chef and entrepreneur Sanjeev Kapoor has opened his restaurant chain in Oman.

Restaurant Yellow Chilli, opened in Muscat, has a spacious indoor seating for 95 people and an additional space that can accommodate 40 people outside the restaurant.

"Oman is well poised for tourism exposure. It has the infrastructure, the natural sights, people and great hospitality, and the respect that the people have for other cultures is what makes them different", Kapoor said.

"I think young people can take their country forward through Omani cuisine. They need to use media to promote and showcase their food and also create cuisines", the chef added.

The executive chef of the restaurant Manoj Radi has been trained by Kapoor in India.

Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor is a popular name in Indian households and has featured in the TV show Khaana Khazana, which was broadcasted in 120 countries.

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