America will continue to work for India's entry into NSG: US envoy

America will continue to work for India s entry into NSG US envoy pardesi news 1467264555

The US feels 'disappointed'that India was not admitted to Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) during its recent plenary in Seoul, South Korea but the US envoy to India has reiterated its commitment towards India joining the nuclear supplier group.

The US Ambassador to India Richard Verma has asserted that US will continue to work with all the members of 48-nation grouping on India's accession in the months ahead. He said “With regard to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), six years ago, President (Barack) Obama first expressed his support for India's membership in the NSG. Since that time, we have worked closely with our Indian counterparts and NSG members to help advance India's case for membership”.

The American diplomat added that India has a strong record, and deserves to be included in the NSG. Also saying that “We were disappointed India was not admitted during this recent session, but we will continue to work constructively with India and all the NSG members on India's accession in the months ahead". 

Addressing the recent Atlantic Council US-India Trade Initiative workshop, the American Ambassador talked about the US' strong support for India's role in global institutions, such as having a seat on a reformed UN security council. "We continued to welcome India's interest in APEC, and we strongly affirmed our support for India's accession into the multi-lateral export control regimes," he added.

The bond between two nations is stronger as evident by India-US civil nuclear cooperation, Richard said the two sides have moved forward on a 15-year project to build six Westinghouse reactors producing power for some 60 million people. "This is a deal that had been pending for 10 years, and we were pleased to see it move even closer to fruition".

US Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Thomas A Shannon has also reiterated America's commitment towards India joining the NSG. Calling India an "anchor of stability" in the Asia Pacifc region, US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Tom Shannon has also strongly rebuked China activities especially  in the South China Sea, terming them as ‘madness’, adding that the US wants New Delhi to play a major role in the Indian Ocean. He also added that the “NSG Members who blocked India's entry into NSG will be held accountable”.

In recent times, Indian Prime Minister's visit has marked a new level of strategic convergence and consolidation in the bilateral partnership. Noticeably, the US regret of could not opening space for India's NSG entry at Seoul is quite obvious.

As of 2016 the NSG has 48 members, China and few other countries had strongly opposed the inclusion of India citing the fact that India is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).  India wanted to be the first exception to join the NSG without signing the NPT, which could not happen.

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