A lot new is happening at the Chemistry Periodic Table

A lot new is happening at the Chemistry Periodic Table pardesi news 1466764662

Four new element names proposed for periodic table- Welcomenihonium, moscovium, tennessine and oganesson.

The Periodic table in the chemistry that we have studying for long will now have as proposed four new elements in the lower right hand corner.

According to chemistry’s governing body, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), “Element 113 is set to be named nihonium (Nh); element 115, moscovium (Mc); element 117, tennessine (Ts); and element 118, oganesson (Og)”. As a result of this addition the seventh period of the periodic table is complete now”.

It has been said that keeping with tradition, newly discovered elements can be named after a mythological concept or character (including an astronomical object), a mineral or similar substance, a place, a property of the element, or a scientist. This should be in general "-ium" for elements belonging to groups 1-16, "-ine" for elements of group 17 and "-on" for elements of group 18. Prior to this discovery the most recent additions to the periodic table were flerovium (Fl, 114) and livermorium (Lv, 116). These artificial/laboratory prepared elements are created in trace amounts by the collision of lighter atomic nuclei togetherand during the last fractions of a second when they are about to fall apart into smaller, more stable fragments, they are collected.

Element 118 has been namedoganesson. It is named after Yuri Oganessian, an 83-year-old researcher at Russia’s Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, who has helped to discover numerous super heavy elements. As suggested by IUPAC, Moscovium (115) has been named after the Moscow region and this honors the ancient Russian land that is the home of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Element 113, nihonium, is the first artificial element to be named in East Asia. The team at the RIKEN Nishina Center chose this name as Nihon is one way to say ‘Japan’ in Japanese.

Meanwhile, an Indian schoolgirl has recreated the periodic table with 90 global issues. Once and for all this Indian school girl has an imaginative way of remembering the table, which is by highlighting 90 global issues, using the acronym of each element to highlight a particular problem.

Her name is Kaanchi Chopra and she is a grade 12 science student from Delhi. She took a week to create this new way of looking at the periodic table. She has used issues and diseases such as malnutrition to body shaming and xenophobia in the table.

According to her, "I made this table to spread awareness about these issues and the immediate need to work harder to solve them”. She also said that, “I was reminded of how we used to make numerous mnemonics to memorise the elements and realised that each and every symbol of the elements in the periodic table was an acronym of a global issue”.

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