Bollywood Ex-Actress Mamta Kulkarni accused in India’s biggest drug bust

Bollywood Ex Actress Mamta Kulkarni accused in India s biggest drug bust pardesi news 1466696488

The controversial Bollywood Ex-Actress has been named an accused by the Mumbai police for her alleged involvement in an international drug racket.

Mumbai police have named former Bollywood ex-actress Mamta Kulkarni as an accused in India’s biggest ever drug racket that was busted few weeks ago. Mumbai police claimed the controversial actress was involved in the illicit activities and plan on seeking her extradition from Kenya. The Mumbai Police will soon begin the process of issuing a Red Corner Notice to get Ms. Kulkarni back to the country to face trial.  

The controversial actress has been named an accused by the Mumbai police for her alleged involvement in an international drug racket that involved smuggling of Ephedrine to manufacture narcotics.

Earlier they had also named Mamta’s husband Vicky Goswami as an accused in the case. The Mumbai police are going to inform to Interpol through the CBI to issue a red corner notice against the actress in connection with drug racket. Ten people have been arrested as of now. The Mumbai police successfully established involvement of Mamta Kulkarni with the help of the Drug Enforcement Department of the US. 

According to a police official, Mamta was reportedly in Kenya meetings along with international drug mafia Abdullah, and they discussed how drugs could be taken to India.

Police say the details of the case were shared by American Drug Enforcement officials, and Abdullah tried to set up a factory in Mombasa, Kenya and he already has two factories running in Tanzania in his own name.  

Meanwhile, the Mumbai police are reportedly probing the role of some other personalities from Bollywood for their alleged involvement in the international drug cartel scandal.  

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