Mosquito-repellent LG TV goes on sale in India

Mosquito repellent LG TV goes on sale in India pardesi news 1466669016

LG Mosquito Away TVs recently went on sale in India, all set to make similar head-way in Srilanka and Philippines.

In effort to fight Zika, dengue and malaria, South Korean conglomerate, LG has released the "LG 32LG52D" TV with 'Mosquito Away Technology'. With the launch of a TV incorporating technology that 'effectively drives away mosquitoes', there is a buzz seen in the Indian market and the Indian arm of South Korean LG TV is set to reap the benefits.  

These IPS screen equipped TV sets use a technology called 'Mosquito Away' which uses ultrasonic sound waves to repel these blood sucking pests. According LG TV India, “The TV's "Mosquito Away Technology" uses ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to humans but cause mosquitoes to fly away, according to the company. The same technology, which was certified as effective by an independent laboratory near Chennai, India, has been used by LG in air conditioners and washing machines”.

Helping Indian end users make the most of the entertainment available on their new LG Mosquito Away TVs, these LG Mosquito Away TVs are much more standard slim and stylish TVs.The technology, which also functions when the TV is switched off, is available in two models, priced at Rs. 26,500 and Rs 47,500. The new Mosquito-repellent LG TV is targeted for the Indian families with low income who live in mosquito hit area and have no remedy to keep them away except temporarily.

In near future, the Mosquito-repellent LG TV will also make its head-way in the similar markets of Philippines and Sri Lanka.

LG had begun to develop such TV set before the outbreak of the Zika virus in Latin America, which had fuelled concern over safety at the Olympic Games set to begin in August in Rio de Janeiro. In May, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that the virus was likely to come to Europe this summer, with France being one of the most at-risk countries among those given a "moderate" risk rating.

However, LG spokesperson issued a clarifying note that, “These TV sets are not intended to replace other mosquito-deterrent devices”

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