India had an impressive outing at the Champions Trophy

India had an impressive outing at the Champions Trophy pardesi news 1466496838

India enter Champions Trophy final for 1st time, however India settled for silver after losing final on penalties

For the first time in the last 38 years India has secured a place for itself in Champions Trophy final. Previously, India had only won a bronze medal in 1982, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, in the finals, India went down fighting against the world champions Australia, who defeated them 3-1 in the final match of the six-nation tournament.

India reached the final after Britain and Belgium played tie match of 3-3 to finish below the Asian Games champions at the completion of the round-robin stage. India got seven points with two wins, two losses and a draw. India impressive show throughout the Champions Trophy has brought into focus the team that almost fell off the world map after decades of international domination.

Winning a medal ahead of the Olympic Games was the agenda set for the Indian team, where four years ago they had finished at the bottom of the 12-team Olympic competition. The Indian team should also be credited for the impressive performance and making at Champions Trophy final without Sardar Singh, their regular captain and the standout player.

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