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A remake of the 2011 Malayalam film of the same name, Traffic deals with the vagaries of destiny.

Traffic, the remake of hit 2011 Malyalam film Traffic with the same name, is a thriller which depicts the race against time pursued under the supervision of police to ensure a heart is transported on time to save the life of a 12 year old daughter.

The story of the movie is that a Mumbai television journalist meets with a fatal accident leaving him on a ventilator. In Pune, a young girl can only be saved if she gets a transplant. The mission of transporting the organ is entrusted to a traffic constable (Manoj Bajpaye), looking to earn his stripes back! Reporter Rehan Ali (Vishal Singh) on the way to an early morning interview with a movie star Dev Kapoor (Prosenjit Chatterjee) is hit by a car. Declared brain dead, he has little chance of making it through.

Meanwhile, in Pune, the star's 12-year-old girl, suffering from a serious heart condition, is hours away from death. She needs a transplant real quick.  

The movie beautifully portrays the emotional reluctance of parents to bid farewell to their son, helplessness of a movie star in saving the life of his daughter with money and grit of a discredited police constable to take the enormous task of driving to Pune through traffic of Bombay in less than three hours.

Cardiac surgeon (Parambrata Chatterjee), the young man’s best friend (Amol Parashar) accompanies Constable in the van that has their own stories to be told. Gurbir Singh (Jimmy Shergill) dons the role of Mumbai’s Traffic Police Commissioner who initially feels that the drive in time will be impossible and then gave his best to make sure the heart beats in the little girl. However, the human spirit that is indomitable in the face of adversity comes to the fore as the thrill ride begins.

The characters and key-plot situations are seamlessly interwoven. The movie keeps you entangled on an emotional and thrills level, where one is left gasping and praying that the heart reaches on time. The 160-odd kilometer between Mumbai and Pune is where the action is scheduled for. Stalwarts in the movie depict all the characters in the movie beautifully and one can certainly feel the pain of loss and joy of getting another chance at the same time. Manoj impresses with his subtle performance and builds an emotional connect with the audience along the way. The movie beautifully depicts how the fate can bring people with different stories converge together, and change lives forever.

The movie is overall impressive and has also been shot in Tamil and Kannada. Certainly, the viewers shouldn’t make a detour to avoid this traffic, at least. 

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