NRI caught trying to bribe an official for license

NRI caught trying to bribe an official for license pardesi news 1459247698

An Indian-American businessman attempted to bribed an officer for liquor license.

Mukundkumar Patel, 52, an American businessman of Indian origin, has been charged for trying to bribe a local politician to get license for his liquor store in Ohio, US.

Patel had initially submitted a liquor license application. The concerned officials had told him that they were not inclined to endorse his application but they would consider his request after having a word with community stakeholders.

In October 2014, Patel met with an East Cleveland councilman and offered him US $2,000 to sign the application. The councilman refused Patel's offer because of which he had to ask the councilman to quote his own price for the deal.

The councilman reported the case to the FBI for bribe solicitation.

In the next meeting with the councilman, Patel offered him US $4,000 and also offered to pay rest of the US $1,000 after the application had been signed.

Patel paid the money in cash and councilman handed over that money to the FBI.
"We will not tolerate individuals believing that they can circumvent the law by bribing a public official", Stephen Anthony from the Federal Bureau of Investigation quoted.

"The FBI commends the public official involved for adhering to his ethical principles by not accepting the bribe made by the business owner", he further added

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