25 NRI students asked to leave US varsity, failing to meet the admission standards

25 NRI students asked to leave US varsity failing to meet the admission standards pardesi news 1466072730

At least 25 NRI students in their first semester of a computer sciences programme at Western Kentucky University have been asked to leave and return to India, or to find placement in other schools, as they did not meet the admission standards of the varsity

At least 25 of a total 60 Indian graduate students at Western Kentucky University (WKU) have been asked to leave their computer science programme after the first semester as they could not comply with its admission standards.

James Gary, the chairman of WKU's computer science programme, informed that "almost 40" of the students did not meet the requirements of their admissions, even though they were offered remedial help by the university. He said permitting them to continue would be 'throwing good money after bad', as they were unable to write computer programmes, which is a mandatory qualification.

The move will force the students to return to India or find placement in another university or programme in the US, less than six months since their enrollment in January after an aggressive recruitment campaign in India – which included facilities such as tuition discounts and "spot admission".

As a remedial step, the university Senate has also endorsed a resolution expressing concern about the recruitment campaign which was part of the university's efforts to lift enrollment and revenue in the face of deep state budget cuts. Importantly the university was said to have used international recruiters to enroll these students. The university recently said in a statement that it had altered its international recruitment efforts in India. In addition to reviewing its advertising, the school is sending members of the computer science faculty to India to meet with students before offers of admission are made.

However, the chairman of the Indian Student Association at Western Kentucky University, Aditya Sharma, has expressed concerns for the students who have been asked to leave. He said he feels badly for the students, but also admitted that perhaps some of them had adopted a ‘casual’ approach to their studies and could not meet their Grade Point Admission (GPA), forcing the university to take such a decision.

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