India becomes Internet’s second biggest user, thumping the US

India becomes Internet s second biggest user thumping the US pardesi news 1465971930

India thumped down the US to become one of the biggest markets for internet users only coming second to that of China as reported by Mary Meeker report.

India has made the best use of this communication network and now globally it has been tagged as second largest internet user. According to the annual Internet Trends report by Mary Meeker, at 277 million, India’s connected population is now greater than that of the US and is second only to China, with a 40% growth over the past year.

Mary Meeker Internet Trends report clearly demonstrates the fact that amid a global slowdown in the growth of Internet users, India has emerged as the most significant exception. 

Though, the typical Indian internet user is a lot less affluent than its US counterparts.  A surge in Internet users in the country is attributed to more usage of smart phones, especially the rise of low cost smart phone by its high population.  Increasing net and smart phone penetration and an expanding e-commerce business has significantly contributed to the expansion of the internet usage in India.

Moreover, Google under NRI CEO Sundar Pichai is increasingly focused on India. With over 300 million Indians already on the Web and another 200 million set to get online by 2017, the country is a major area of focus for Google.  During December 2015, speaking in New Delhi on his first visit to India as CEO, Pichai explained that India has proven to be an excellent test bed for numerous technologies aimed at emerging markets. 


Apple is also betting big on India and its young population for its next phase of growth, most recently Apple CEO Tim Cook also did a tour of the country and announced the setting up of an app development accelerator in Bangalore, and a new research center in Hyderabad,  all of which have been in anticipation of the present boom in Internet use in the country. 

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