Robbery in an Indian store in New Zealand

Robbery in an Indian store in New Zealand pardesi news 1459247698

A businessman's courage & quick thinking helped averting a robbery in his store.

Rupan Patel, an Indian origin businessman in New Zealand, foiled a robbery attempt at his store when he snatched the gun from a masked man and chased him away.

This incident took place in Hamilton town's Hukanui road where Rupan Patel was working alone at his convenience store.

An armed man wearing a mask entered the shop owned by Patel and asked him to drop all the money in the plastic bag.

While Patel was struggling to open the drawer that had all the money, the thief got impatient and climbed on top of the counter. This move gave Patel a chance to grab him.

"He was holding onto me and we went flying down", Patel said.

The snatching and wrestling ended in Patel pulling away the rifle from the man. By that time, the thief had lost his mask and struggled to run out of the store and jumped into a silver car driven by another man, and sped away.

As a result of the fall from the counter, Patel suffered bruises and swelling on his hip and arm.

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