Ethnic European Hindus find issues with the BBC programming

Ethnic European Hindus find issues with the BBC programming pardesi news 1465834455

The BBC should give more airtime to religious programmes for faiths such as Hinduism, demands Ethnic European Hindus group residing in Britain.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the world's top public service broadcaster was launched in October 1922, and is headquartered in London, supported by the license fee paid by UK households. Allegations that the corporation lacks impartial and objective journalism have regularly been made by observers. Now, there are allegations from several Ethnic European Hindu organisations that this premier European  channel had stressed more to one particular religion i.e. Christianity and not kept pace with its values and overlooked all other cultures in its productions and various networks and services.

Hindu hymns, songs, festivals are mostly celebrated and also followed by several people in different countries; unfortunately they do not get an adequate coverage in the channel.  The ethnic Hindus living in Britain have repeatedly urged the BBC to broadcast more such programmes in its channel and mitigate all such negative perceptions about the religion and its practices, as Hinduism is the ancient and third largest religion in the world. Importantly, this is also not for the first time, that ethnic minority has seek for such fairness in the BBC programming.

In 2005, the Vivekananda Centre London and the Hindu Council (UK) reported an institutional anti-Hindu bias and stated that "Anything that may show Hinduism in a poor light is immediately picked up by the BBC programme makers, while anything that may show Hinduism in a glorious light remains ignored by the BBC”. In March 2012, the BBC referred to the Hindu festival of ‘Holi’ as a "filthy festival". Though, BBC had apologized for the offence caused, not before causing significant damage to religious beliefs and customs.

The values of BBC include working in togetherness, and their motto is “celebrate our diversity ‘which can lead to great happenings, imitates different religions and communities  giving equal “importance” to individuals, societies, communities, nations and countries which can unite people with spirit of oneness, and remove the differences. With various religions, faiths beliefs and values residing together in the modern UK making it a truly multi-cultural and diversified society, the UK premier broadcaster is expected to take the matter more seriously, also living up to its motto.   

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