OZ polls see 5 Indian-origin candidates

OZ polls see 5 Indian origin candidates pardesi news 1465746872

Five Indian-origin people, including two women, are among the 200 candidates contesting for the general elections in Australia, scheduled in July, 2016.

Five NRIs, including two women, are among the 200 candidates contesting for next month’s general election in Australia.

The two female Indian-origin candidates in the fray include 51-year-old Australian Sikh Alex Bhathal representing the Greens Party and 43-year-old Fiji Indian Lisa Singh of Labor Party. Also contesting from the Labour Party is Shashi Bhatti, who migrated from India in 1989, and Chris Gambian, an Australian born to Indian parents from Bangalore.

The fifth candidate is Mohit Kumar contesting the elections from the Liberal Party. He is a Faridabad resident who migrated to Australia in 1994 as an international student. He said it was his consistent hard work that paid off for him to win the party ticket and it is imperative for Indians to join the high offices of the country and be a part of policy making. True multi culture comes from having a fair representation at all levels including government, parliament, business and other areas, he added.

On May 8, Australian Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Turnbull announced the country holding elections on July 2, barely eight months after he ousted his predecessor Tony Abbott, promising to revive the sluggish economy. In the house of representative, all 150 seats will be contested, as well as the 76 Senate seats -- the first time this has happened in an early election since 1987.         

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