Telugu-based NRIs intend to support the motherland via the Janmabhoomi programme

Telugu based NRIs intend to support the motherland via the Janmabhoomi programme pardesi news 1465748035

The NRIs intend to replicate the 'Janmabhoomi programme' in the US to enable the migrant Telugu-based families to support their motherland, the Andhra Pradesh.

Telugu-based NRIs have come forward  to help the state in its re-construction. Jayaram Komati, Special Representative of Andhra Pradesh Government in North America, and a native of Mylavaram in Krishna district, says replicating Janmabhoomi in the US to enable the migrant Telugu-based families rise to the occasion and extend support to their motherland in various developmental activities such as creation of the new state capital – Amaravati.

A Janmabhoomi programme in the US to help Telugu Diaspora connect with the motherland and contribute its mite in development of the new capital Amaravati has evoked good response, informed the Special Representative. 

With the Janmabhoomi programme, they also intend to take up a project that envisages the digitization of 4,000 schools in rural Andhra Pradesh. With this in mind Mr Jayaram has interacted with the Telugu NRIs and motivating them to take part in the development activities planned in Andhra Pradesh, and the development of the new capital, Amaravati.  “We propose to take up a project which envisages digitisation of 4,000 schools in the rural AP We are in the process of developing an elaborate plan of action which will soon be executed,” he said.

Mr. Jayaram is interacting with Telugus and motivating them to participate in the series of community development activities planned in Andhra Pradesh.  He was recently in the state for a whirlwind tour and met Collectors of various districts, and officials of the Education department, also said the NRIs are very excited and very willing to support the Government. He shared about success tales relating to soak pits, farm ponds, desalting of tanks and lavatories, with them. Importantly, he moved to America 35 years ago and was actively involved in community service. A former president of the Federation of Indian Associations, he has also been at the helm of TANA (Telugu Association of North America).

The chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu has been popularizing his pet Janmabhoomi programme and will really welcome the Telugu-based NRIs coming forward and contributing to various development activities via his preference programme.    

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