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Know which Indian-neighboring country is the Only Carbon-Negative Country in the world

Know which Indian neighboring country is the Only Carbon Negative Country in the world pardesi news 1465560414

Bhutan is not merely carbon neutral; it's also a carbon negative—making it one of the few countries in the world to sink more carbon emissions, than it produces.

The GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS is more important to us than GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT, says the 4th King of Bhutan.

When a country’s king leads his nation with this motto, it is not surprising that it is the only country in the world to be carbon negative. The country has pledged to keep 60% of its area under forest cover.

That is a tall promise to keep in this rapid technologically changing world however this nation seems to hold its status in pride and wants to keep the same. It is referred as carbon negative  as it sucks up three times the CO2 emissions that the 700,000 population produces, turning the country into a carbon sink according to the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit’s(ECUI) ‘carbon comparator’ tool.

It is a small country sandwiched between the two most populous nations of the world- India and China, the rulers of this small nation has been able to preserve their culture and relationship with nature by taking cautious decision for the development of the country.

School education and healthcare, electricity is completely free in the small nation, they are also completely focused on renewable energy. They have also started to export electricity produced through renewable sources thus impacting other nations as well. Further, the Bhutanese government has formed a partnership with Nissan to provide hundreds of electric cars to the country—with the promise of thousands soon after.

Bhutan being an underdeveloped nation also faces its share of difficulties to preserve its pristine environment, the cost of keeping the forest flourishing is high for the small nation, thus the king has started “Bhutan For Life’ a funding mechanism to look after the forests, where the individuals and corporations donate to create a pool for keeping the forests in the nation.

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