2 Indian-origin women in Forbes' richest entrepreneurs' list

2 Indian origin women in Forbes richest entrepreneurs list pardesi news 1465556322

Two Indian-origin women features in the Forbes -Self-made richest women in the US

Names of two Indian-origin women have successfully featured on the Forbes' annual list of America's 60 wealthiest and most successful self-made women entrepreneurs. Reuters say that these female entrepreneurs have "crashed ceilings through invention and innovation".

India-born Neerja Sethi , 61, who co-founded IT consulting and outsourcing firm Syntel with her husband Bharat Desai, is ranked 16th on 'America's Richest Self -made Women' list while president and CEO of Arista Networks Jayshree Ullal, 55, is ranked 30th.

Sethi has a net worth of $1.1 billion. Her company employs more than 25,000 people and boasts a recent market cap of $3.6 billion. She is currently the vice president of corporate affairs, a role she has donned since the company's inception. She also sits on the board of directors alongside her husband, who remains the chairman.

The second Indian-origin women in the list, Ms. Ullal has a net worth of $470 million. She became president and CEO of Arista Networks in 2008, when it had no revenues and fewer than 50 employees. The company reported $838 million in revenue in 2015, after going public in June 2014.   

According to Forbes, the richest self-made woman in America is Diane Hendricks, the owner of ABC Supply, the largest wholesale distributor of roofing and siding in the country. Currently, Hendricks’s worth is $4.9 billion, $1.2 billion more than last year when she was ranked second.

The second annual tally of America's wealthiest, most successful self-made women includes 60 trailblazers — 10 more than last year. 

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