Modi thrills the US Congress Members, receives multiple standing ovations and clapping intervals

Modi thrills the US Congress Members receives multiple standing ovations and clapping intervals pardesi news 1465458061

Time and time again you make all the true Indians proud across the world, Mr. Prime Minister – this time he vowed the US Congress Members with his exemplary speech, receiving 9 standing ovations and 66 clapping intervals.

Modi’s master-class speech at Capitol Hill showcased India as a globally engaged nation and also strengthening the fact that as the head of our largest democratic partner in the world, India and Modi are the real key allies of the United States; the speech was received by 9 standing ovations and 66 clapping intervals. Indian PM struck a chord with the elite audience from the start when he spoke of the political values the world's oldest democracy shares with its largest one.

On his fourth visit to United States, PM Narendra Modi held talks with President Obama and addressed a joint session of the US Congress. PM Modi is the fifth Indian leader to make a speech to Congress since 1985. He spoke on the issues ranging from climate change to terrorism, defence and security cooperation to trade and economic relationship. In an extended speech celebrating the two countries' relationship, he noted that their close ties reflect deeply shared values.  "As a representative of the world's largest democracy, it is indeed a privilege to speak to the leaders of its oldest," Modi said.

Modi had his audience in splits when he spoke about the rage of Yoga in the country "Siri tells us that more than 30 million practice Yoga. It is estimated that more Americans bend for yoga than to throw a curve ball. But no Mr Speaker, we have not yet claimed intellectual property right on it". He also shared India’s increasing focus on renewable energy and growth of solar power in the country.

He even threw a gag at the Indian party in opposition saying said, "I am informed that the working of the U.S. Congress is harmonious.  I am also told that you are well-known for your bipartisanship. Well, you are not alone. Time and again, I have also witnessed a similar spirit in the Indian Parliament, especially in our Upper House,” making the audience laugh.

In a clear shift from his previous trips where he focused on Indian community within US, he spoke about US history and its influence on world. He mentioned Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr.  

Modi concluded his address with the following lines of Walt Whitman, “The Orchestra have sufficiently tuned their instruments, the baton has given the signal”. Then he added, “And there is a new symphony in play" - Clearly indicating the strengthening of bond between two nations.

Modi’s speech was highly welcomed and praised. Post the speech, the US Congress Leaders taking Autograph of PM Modi. Twitter flooded with the messages stating that the community is proud of PM for showcasing the country to the world in a new light.


PM meet with President Obama showed the camaraderie between the two leaders, the President "has spent more time with Modi than with leaders of some of America's closest allies", said The Washington Post. Also commenting, “It was a particularly unusual address for Modi, who was barred from entering the United States for years”.  

Finally, the Indian PM wooed the US senators, and the general public in his first visit after assuming the office of the Prime Minister of India, repeated in 2015 and made sure that 2016 is bigger and better.

The Indian Prime Minister Modi left for Mexico, the final leg of his five nation, before leaving an everlasting impact. 

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