United States has no say in India-Pakistan talks

United States has no say in India Pakistan talks pardesi news 1459247698

United States has emphasises it has no role to play in the revival of Indo-Pak peace talks.

The US has taken itself out of all the discussions regarding the revival of India-Pak talks. It says that the leaders of two countries should only decide on the pace of the peace talks.

State department spokesman John Kirby was quoted as saying, "the tensions in the region are significant. We recognise that, and we believe that it is important for leaders of both countries to resume this dialogue and the discussion and to try to come to some resolution".

"What we've said particularly with the tension in Kashmir, is that our position has not changed, that this is an issue that India and Pakistan need to resolve", Kirby further added.

Kirby emphasised on the fact that it is for the leaders of the two countries to decide on the pace and scope of peace talks.

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