Know the Dubai-born, US-raised Rasika Shekar, a flautist and a singer

Know the Dubai born US raised Rasika Shekar a flautist and a singer pardesi news 1465389636

Recognition came to this Indian-origin flutist and vocalist, as she was recently roped in as a flutist on Ehsaan and Loy's television production single Man Patang

This beautifully talented, gorgeous flutist and vocalist is Dubai-born, and US-raised.  Rasika Shekar is a rarity, as she dons the hat of a flutist and singer effortlessly and successfully. She is a trained Carnatic flutist and has performed solo Carnatic flute concerts at various venues in the US, Dubai, Chennai and Mumbai. Her musical work is a fusion of many different cultures and styles, and she amalgamate them efficiently.

She has toured with classical musician Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan as a vocalist for three years, and worked with composers Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy as a vocalist and flautist and staged her own production at the World Flute Festival in Delhi last year.  Infact, her introduction to music happened because of her pedigree, her grandmother was an A grade violinist at All India Radio. Rasika says, “When you have music in your family, you either take it seriously or you kind of learn in the process. Also when we shifted to the US, my mother found a flute teacher for me. So training was a part of my life until I came to college and met different musicians. That is when I felt that music had a very strong impact on me”.

She reminisces her stint as vocalist for Ghulam Ali with admiration, “Initially I was very shy to even speak to him as I would get tongue tied in front of such a big legend. But then as I started touring with him, I realized that I am yet to learn a lot. I observed every minute detail about him, whether it was his on stage appearance or his behaviour with people”.

Recognition came her way when she was roped in as a flutist on Ehsaan and Loy's television production single Man Patang. The opportunity also made her a part of different collaborations and dance productions.

She loves to play on Indian Bamboo flute and is predominantly trained in Carnatic and Hindustani classical, is proud of her roots and heritage. Her love for flute is inadmissible when she speaks about it, "I know the instrument well and sometimes it's complete obsession and sometimes, detachment. But once I start performing on stage, the flute is a part of me. A part of me that just helps express seamlessly".


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