Know about the Congolese backlash and the related NRI problems in Congo

Know about the Congolese backlash and the related NRI problems in Congo pardesi news 1465372458

The Indian community in the Democratic Republic of Congo has recently been the target of protests following the murder of a Congolese national in Delhi who was beaten to death by three local youths during a street brawl.

In a frightful recent murder of a Congolese national in south Delhi, the Indian community living in the African nation of democratic republic of Congo has been the target of a massive protest over the past few days. In Congo Indians were afflicted in clashes and their shops have also been attacked.

Angry protesters have taken to the streets in Kinshasa demanding appropriate action from their government in response to the murder of Masonda Ketada Oliver, 29, a French language teacher. Approximately 5,000 Indian nationals stay in Congo where angry protesters have reportedly taken to the streets in the Congolese capital Kinshasa, claiming appropriate action from their government in response to the attack in India. Reports say Indian owned shops were pelted with stones and the police have asked the shop owners to keep their shops closed till the tension subsides.

In Delhi expressing anger over the killing African nations even announced their boycott of "Africa Day" celebrations, but later attended the event on Indian government guarantee to action.

Meanwhile the Indian attackers have a criminal history and have been jailed in the past, and one accused Mobin Azad Safi, 23, has been arrested while the two others Mukesh and Prakash are still absconding.

Envoys of several African nations in Delhi have termed the assault a racial attack and demanded the Indian government guarantee the safety of Africans.

Responding to their concerns Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said her government is committed to the safety and security of African nationals in India, and she has asked the Delhi Lieutenant Governor to fast track the case. The government also said this was not a racial attack. The Indian External minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted, “Shake hands with Africans, tell them India loves them. I appeal to fellow Indians. Next time you meet an African citizen, pl shake hand and say 'India loves you”.  She also met with the family of Congolese national Masonda Kitanda Olivier saying as a mother, she understood the “pain of a mother who loses a son on foreign soil”.

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