Sikh man killed in alleged hate crime incident in US

Sikh man killed in alleged hate crime incident in US pardesi news 1465197166

Sikh man shot dead in US, family alleges hate crime, the probe is on.

Davinder Singh, 47, a gas station owner was shot dead in Newark, in the US. His family suspects a hate crime; prompting police to launch a “hate crime” probe into the latest such incident in the country. Detectives from the Essex Crime Task Force are investigating the shooting.

Davinder was found unresponsive at the gas station and was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Singh’s son Jatinder Singh said he thought his father who had moved to the US from India 25 years ago, may have been targeted because he was Sikh and wore a turban. There was no struggle or confrontation he said.

Sikhs have been the target of many hate crime incidents since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, most of them men mistaken for people from the Middle East for their turban.   

He also said his father had also been robbed before but always fought back. Jatinder said his dad went out to get some fresh air and a man came up to him, pointed a gun and shot him point-blank.

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