Know Reuben Paul: A 9-year-old CEO and a cyber security expert

Know Reuben Paul A 9 year old CEO and a cyber security expert pardesi news 1465021116

There is a lot of buzz going around about Reuben Paul, a 9-year-old who at such a tender age is not only knowledgeable about the information security, but it also a designate CEO of the company known as Prudent Games.

The nine-year-old prodigy Reuben Paul has launched a gaming firm -‘Prudent Games’ and is also designated as the CEO of the company

Paul is first kid of Indian-origin parents who lives in Austin, Texas in the United States. At the tender age when most kids are struggling with basics of the computer, this whiz kid talks about the impact of cyber security and its relevance in the modern society.  Reuben had shown the intellect to understand the Knick knack of computers from an extraordinary very early age. Sensing his interest in the technology his father introduced him to infosec. Since then he has been promoting cyber security and the need to make children aware of the threats and consequences of cyber bullying.

He was one of the speakers at Ashok Hotel in New Delhi in November last year which saw hackers from around the world be a part of the summit. He has also given the opening keynote speech at the (ISC) 2 Security Congress and the closing keynote address at the 2014 Houston Security Conference.

He is equally passionate about his company “Prudent Games”, he says the motto of his company is “Learn while you play.” He has also added two more apps: Cracker Proof, an app that teaches kids about strong passwords, and Crack Me If You Can, which is based on Infosec and brute force, the network-based attacks.

He also plans on creating a portal that can become the one-stop resource to educate kids and adults on cyber security issues through videos, games and apps with the help of companies and schools.

These are definitely high dreams for a young nine year old boy who is determined to achieve them with his determination and help his community for a safer cyber world.

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