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Veerappan was touted as a biopic, but it is hardly the poacher's life RGV is talking about. The director attempts to bring on screen the run-up to the bandit's killing, but perhaps has failed to achieve his goal.

The movie is based on the events leading to Operation Cocoon to capture or kill Indian bandit Veerappan. Veerappan, the dreaded dacoit/smuggler of south Indian jungles was untouchable by police officers for 15 years largely due to his deep knowledge of the terrain and alleged help from the local tribes in the jungle.

The movie starts with the concern over several failed operations to catch Veerappan (Sandeep Bharadwaj). Finally the onus of catching the dreaded killer falls upon a cop (Sachin Joshi), who ropes untrained women Shriya (Lisa Ray) in his plan. The plot starts falling apart as it shows the cop rummaging through the plan to catch the dreaded man with the help of clueless aides like Shriya whose role does not provide any validation to the story. Both the characters do not add any depth to the story and give an average performance.

Veerappan's wife Muthulakshmi (Usha Jadhav) has few scenes to her credit but the story fails to portray the complex relation between the smuggler and his wife.

Sandeep Joshi holds the forte from the beginning of the movie, he reminds of Veerappan and ruthlessness of the man who has been rumored to kill thousands of police officials. His gang though fails to impress one with their acting skills.  Sandeep Bharadwaj, though receives the critic acclaim for his acting, the actor also hopes that the movie will be able to create a similar boost to his career as Satya had done for Manoj Bajpayee.

Veerappan was conceived as a comeback movie for Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) with the hope that it will have all the flair and drama expected from him. Veerappan though keeps one paced up for the chase to catch the King of Jungle; however it lacks the insight in the life of the man itself.

The movie not only fails to portray the runaround the man was able to give Special Forces while carrying out his sandalwood and Ivory smuggling business. And neither the movie is able to catch up the man on a personal level.

We all know that Veerappan was killed in a hugely successful operation carried out by officials on October 18, 2004; however it is still unclear for what reasons Veerappan ventured out of the forest. Did he come to meet his idol LTTE chief Prabhakaran or for an eye operation, the movie also fails to answer that all important question.

However, one thing that one may appreciate in the movie is unexpected camera angles shooting to add to the thrill factor of the narration. The movie has RGV factors embedded for a thriller but does not reach the quite expectations from the director.

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