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What your social media account says about you!

What your social media account says about you  pardesi news 1459247697

Social media can also takes up the role of interpreting someone's personality type.

Gone are the times when we used to figure out a person's personality based on his zodiac signs and by reading their horoscopes. Lately, Social media has taken up that role. Scroll through someone's Facebook account or Twitter timeline and easily get an insight into their personality type.

Let's see what certain updates on social networking sites may say about YOU:

1. If your posts are about your Romantic Relationship

You have: Low self -esteem
We all have people around us who brag about being involved in a committed relationship. Most of their status updates revolves around their partner. Each and every gesture done by their partner, somehow finds space in their status updates. There are chances that such people are suffering from low self-esteem.
People are more likely to put positive relationship-relevant information online, the days they feel insecure. This is seen as a move to 'Claim' their relationship and prove their self worth.

2. If you post about your achievements

You are: Narcissistic and self centered

Telling people about your promotion at work or how you managed to loose 5kgs, usually attracts a lot of likes and comments from your friends. The spotlight is clearly on you, it fuels your narcissism.
Studies prove that while your friends offer support commenting on your posts, internally they dislike such egotistical displays.

3. If your posts are about World issues

You are: frank and curious

People who share their opinion online on topics like news, politics, etc are said to be more open, creative and imaginative.

4. If your posts are about your family

You are:

Those whose status revolves around their family - their achievements, photographs, etc. are organised and hardworking people. They usually have a lot of friends and are not attention seekers.

5. What your photo updates mean

SELFIES: You are very confident about your physical appearance and very optimistic in nature.
EXERCISE PICTURES: You are dedicated towards fitness and like to inspire others.
MEMES: You have a good sense of humour and want to make others laugh.

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