India’s Largest Ammunition Depot is Ablaze

India s Largest Ammunition Depot is Ablaze pardesi news 1464676171

Major fires erupted at India’s biggest ammunition depot in Maharashtra’s Pulgaon, with around 20 army men are feared dead.

A massive fire broke out at Central Ammunition Depot (CAD) in Pulgaon near Wardha killing around 20 army personnel including two officers. The central ammunition depot at Pulgaon is one India's biggest ammunition depot and is 110 kms from Nagpur.

While the cause of the fire is yet unknown, reports said that the fire broke out after an explosion at the depot in the early hours – around 1:30-2:00 am - on Tuesday (30th May).  Other reports suggest that explosions occurred after a shed at the ammunition dump caught fire.

"The main fire at one of the sheds has been extinguished. The situation is being stabilized. Secondary fire and explosions cannot be ruled out now," an Army officer said.  Reports say that about 1,000 villagers had been evacuated as shells and splinters ripped through the area. Presently, the area has been cordoned off and nobody is being allowed to enter the premises.   

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar will visit the depot, as soon as possible.

As the article, goes to press further details are awaited.


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