NRI film ‘Jacob’s Pond’ enters 16th New York Film Festival

NRI film Jacob s Pond enters 16th New York Film Festival pardesi news 1464070025

Dubai NRI’s Sasha John film recently entered the 16th New York Film Festival.

Dubai resident Sasha John's debut  short film received standing ovation at its world premiere at the 16th New York Indian Film Festival. It also secured a Best Child Actor nomination for Naman Jain.

The 9 min 50 sec, a short narrative film is about loneliness in the big city and finding an unlikely friend within its people. It revolves around the lives of a 61-year-old retiree Jacob and 12-year-old pickpocket Iqbal. Despite having very dissimilar backgrounds, they have one very strong commonality: both are alone. This forms the core of the film with English subtitles. Veteran theatre actor from Mumbai Utkarsh Mazumdar plays Jacob.

Sasha said the story is about unlikely relationships and she thinks in a country as diverse and unpredictable as India, what makes one truly Indian is the ability to empathize with a stranger’s story. “Making lasting connections with people is always what I try and covey with my films,” said John in a statement. “This is a story about unlikely relationships, and I think in a country as diverse and unpredictable as India, what makes us truly Indian is the ability to empathise with a stranger’s story,” she added.

The film world is not new for Sasha who earlier worked for DAR Motion Pictures in Mumbai, assisting the creative team on the acclaimed film - The Lunchbox. She has also worked on the sets as an assistant to the creative producer for films. She now plans to pursue a career in films and is finalizing the script for a feature film that is set in Kerala. Sasha is a Keralite from Kochi, who grew up in Dubai, Pune and Mumbai

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