Google Maps become more India focused; offer turn-by-turn directions in Hindi language

Google Maps become more India focused offer turn by turn directions in Hindi language pardesi news 1464012676

Google Maps has become more India focused providing support for the Hindi-speaking audience; it now understands Hindi and offers turn-by-turn directions in the same language.

The Google Maps has been around for over a decade, but only in the past few years it has started becoming more India-focused. It now understands Hindi and offers turn-by-turn directions in the same language. This time with Hindi diction it also has a very Indian voice and accent that no longer mispronounces. Due to this added feature, the search engine giant has become more accessible to a wider audience, given that most Indians have the facility on their phones already, thanks to the grip Android has on the Indian market.

According to Mr. Sanket Gupta, the Product Manager, Google Maps, “In the last ten years, we have made a lot of progress. Maps are ever changing and our vision is to create comprehensive, accurate and reliable maps for everyone across the world”. Mr. Sanket also said that “In India, we use landmark-based directions, as not all streets have names and there is also a lack of signboards. In the absence of signboards, Google Maps offers these local landmarks for users to understand where they are adding that the feature has since been adopted in other parts of the world too”.

Knowing the fact that India is very tricky, as far as Roads and maps are concerned, due to less road plans, these updated Google Maps with Hindi language support also offers traffic alerts, with the red bands signifying that vehicles are moving at a crawl, which is almost always in cities such as Delhi and Bangalore. However, this feature, along with estimated time of arrival, allows one to take an informed decision. It is good to know that this data is collated by the Google based on how fast somebody—who is using the maps app or location data in the stretch—is moving. Hence, every person who avoids a jam, there are many who are already stuck and can help other following to avoid the clogged route.

These Google Maps are not just limited to Android devices but it can be used on iOS phones too. Users of Windows Phone users are also offered somewhat similar features by Bing Maps and Waze which is one of the better options for users across platforms. Recently, Apple Maps has become better for Indian users, but it still does not have the kind of rich data it offers in the US or even China

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