Tamil Nadu boasts maximum number of female entrepreneurs in India

Tamil Nadu boasts maximum number of female entrepreneurs in India pardesi news 1463898222

The latest economic census reveals Tamil Nadu and Kerala have the maximum number of households headed by single women.

According to the latest economic census, Tamil Nadu has the maximum number of woman entrepreneurs in the country at around 1.09 million (1 in 7 bizwomen), most of whom operate their enterprises with their own funds or with donations from NGOs and other sources. They also invest their savings and seek support from family or friends.

This constitutes 13.5% of the state entrepreneur population. Of the 1.09 million women entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu, around 80% do not employ anyone.

Kerala comes next with 11.3% of the country’s female entrepreneurs.

Small businesses such as rolling beedis, making masalas, hand looms, detergent making, and the leather industry are common with the female entrepreneurs in these states.


According to India's Sixth Economic Census (2012-13), women operate just 8.05 million of the total 58.5 million economic establishments running in India, which is just around 14% of the total entrepreneur population. Other states such as Karnataka has 0.54 million women-run establishments, accounting for around 7% and Delhi constitutes 0.07 million women-run establishments (0.87%).

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