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Cooking habits that ensure good health

Cooking habits that ensure good health pardesi news 1459247697

Healthy cooking is the key to healthy living.

Adopting healthy cooking habits is the secret to optimal health. It increases the amount of nutrients that are required for a healthy living and decreases the toxic substances.
Healthy cooking basics are very important to inculcate in our day-to-day lives, for a healthy survival.
Some cooking tips from a well-reputed Nutritionist are:
1. Fruits are best eaten raw.
2. Beans should always be sprouted or cooked.
3. Vegetables should always be steamed.
4. Meat, fish and poultry products need to be baked, grilled and/or sauteed.
5. One should eat whole grains.
6. Avoid refined flour.
7. One should avoid sugar and highly processed refined carbohydrates. These foods have high calories and are low on the nutritional scale.
8. Microwave cooking destroys B6 vitamins.
9. Overcooking meat and vegetables may destroy vitamins such as B, C and E groups.
10. Frying creates highly toxic products that destroy the body.
11. Best cooking oils are rice bran, groundnut and olive oil.
12. Usage of salt must be as limited as possible. Spices like black pepper, basil, celery and oregano are recommended.
Using right ways of cooking and eating the right kind of food will help the body to nourish well, which makes the person healthier and energetic and is likely to keep away from diseases.

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