Among Indian first freedom fighter, his grave lies in a ‘complete neglect’!

Among Indian first freedom fighter his grave lies in a complete neglect  pardesi news 1463462850

The Warrior of Independence Movement Majanu Shah madaria Sufi saint from Mewat and leader of the Fakir-sannyasi Revolt in Bengal, his grave lies in a ‘complete neglect’ in Kanpur.

First movement of Independence in India was probably not initiated by royals coming together against Britishers, but they were actually the Fakirs and Sanyasis revolting against the East India Company.

A fakir named Majnu Shah, affiliated to the Madaria Sufi School based in Kanpur is believed to be the first freedom fighter in India. He was leader of the fakir-sannyasi resistance against the dominance of the English East India Company in Bengal. He led the resistance in Bengal beginning from 1760, and relentlessly fought against the East India Company for long twenty six years. His nature of operations were mainly of guerilla nature.

Large number of people from different religions gathers here on Independence Day and Republic day.

"Majnu Shah Madaria was a Sufi saint who belonged to Mewat and the leader of the Fakir-Sanyasi revolt in Bengal but his grave lies in neglect," said Peer Syed Mazhar Ali, chief sajjadanashin (care-taker) and descendent of Shah Madar, founder of Madaria Sufi School.

However, his grave now lays neglected on a top of hill among the filth and dust, and probably his love for the nation completely forgotten.

His son Mufti Syed Shajar Ali said several attempts were made to draw the attention of local administration and politicians over the poor state of the mazaar but to no avail. "Politicians are better known as ghoshna mantri (announcement ministers). Promises have yet to convert into action," he said.

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