Manasvi Noel crowned as Miss India-Canada 2015

Manasvi Noel crowned as Miss India Canada 2015 pardesi news 1459247696

2015 marked the silver jubilee of the beauty pageant

Manasvi Noel has won the Miss India-Canada 2015 at the 25th edition of the annual beauty pageant.
The top-finalists of the contest included Sharon Philipose, Kajill Aujila, Tanpreet Parmar and Priya Sharma.
The Dubai born Manasvi Noel, currently living in Mississauga city won the esteemed title. It was a night full of entertainment, prestige and glamour.
Sanjay Agnihotri and Gautam Sharma were the organisers of this annual event. They presented a special Achievement Award to the gorgeous Bollywood Actress Preity Zinta for her contribution to Indian and International cinema.
Manasvi is a graduate from CIMT College's Etobicoke School of Arts in drama and acting. She is currently pursuing her degree in Media Communications at Toronto's Humber College. She aims to have her own academy for freestyle dancing in which students can learn different Indian and traditional dance forms.

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