Modi’s degree fiasco

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While AAP leaders continue to create ruckus on the India PM BA degree calling it a fake one - questions are also being raised on the intentions of Arvind Kejriwal and his party deciding to create this insanely pathetic ruckus over the degree issue.

AAP has been alleging that the PM Modi's BA and MA degrees were forged and there were many "glaring discrepancies in them", including in his name and total marks. After the AAP leaders recently claimed that the university degree being shown by Prime Minister in his records is fake; the Delhi University (DU) Registrar Mr. Tarun Das has issued a statement to clear the misunderstanding he said that PM Modi cleared the exam in 1978 and was awarded the degree in 1979.

There was a minor error on the Prime Minister’s behalf where he mentioned the passing year as 1979 whereas he passed out a year earlier said the Registrar.

When questioned about discrepancies in calculation of marks and the marksheets being "typed ones" while other degrees issued by the university during that period had handwritten details, Das said, "it is not possible to comment on every variation. I can only confirm that the degree is genuine".

"It is a matter of the Prime Minister's degree and it is the VC's responsibility to present the truth," said the AAP chief and the present Delhi CM, while continuing to claim that the PM degree is fake.

However, the ruling BJP, on its part, has produced the BA and MA certificates of the Prime Minister and have claimed them to be genuine. But the Delhi CM Kejriwal had also earlier accused the BJP leaders such as the present BJP president Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley of showing a fake degree certificate of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the press conference.

After the announcement by the DU, CM Arvind Kejriwal is also facing lot of flak on internet; several people are accusing him of wasting his time on trivial matters rather than developing the capital which he fiercely promised in his elections. Moreover, it’s rather embarrassing that our leaders would be discussing whether the educational degrees of the country’s Prime Minister are fakes. More embarrassing, that even now after the certificates are out there are discrepancies regarding the font size.

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