‘Non-Resident Telugu Society’ is set up by Andhra Government

 Non Resident Telugu Society is set up by Andhra Government pardesi news 1463125597

Addressing the concerns of the Non Resident Telugus the, Andhra government has recently established the ‘Non-Resident Telugu Society’.

The government of Andhra Pradesh has established the Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu Society or the NRTS. The new society aims to promote the "Brand AP" among the Telugu communities settled abroad, while also encouraging their active participation in the development of the state. The society will be headed by the chief minister, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu.  

While, providing the platform to address the concerns of the Telugu NRIs on relevant issues and strengthening bonds among them, the NRTS will also promote and seek investments in various sectors in Andhra Pradesh from non-resident Telugus and foreign investment agencies and industrialists.   

According to the state Chief Secretary Satya Prakash Tucker, "There is a huge interest among non-resident Telugus towards meaningful contribution for the growth and empowerment of people living in Andhra Pradesh”. He further acknowldeged that the Non Resident Telugus are interested in the state’s growth so there should be a mechanism to channelise that interest towards tangible contribution for the growth and empowerment of people living there. Hence the society is being set up under the aegis of the state government

The office of the Society will be located in Vijayawada, while it operates globally. An eight-member executive council headed by the adviser (NRT affairs), with two NRI members will be headed by the CM, with the Minster for NRI Affairs, a division to govern NR Telugu Affairs, and Principal Secretaries of 7 departments as members. Importantly, the NRT division is dedicated exclusively to cater to the needs of the state NRIs. An executive council will manage the Society affairs for a 3-year term.

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