Antarctica - Scientists discover dinosaur fossils estimated to be 70 million years old!

Antarctica Scientists discover dinosaur fossils estimated to be 70 million years old  pardesi news 1463051485

A team of international scientists in Antarctica recently unearthed a treasure accretion of dinosaur remains that date back 70 million years!

Scientists have discovered a huge trove of dinosaur fossils in Antarctica. These fossils are chiefly from prehistoric marine reptiles and birds, in which a large fraction belongs to the mosasaurus. The expedition took place on the James Ross Island, hundreds of miles south of Chile and lasted from February to March, 2016.

Scientists now desire that analysis of their colossal haul of bones will help acknowledge more details about how the creatures went extinct.

According to Dr Steve Salisbury, University of Queensland School of Biological Sciences researcher, “We found a lot of really great fossils. The rocks that we were focusing on come from the end of the age of dinosaurs, so most of them are between 71 million and 67 million years old. They were all shallow marine rocks, so the majority of things we found lived in the ocean. They also discovered the fossils, including early ducks that lived at the end of the Cretaceous period. The team found a few dinosaur remains too, which they desire to publish on in the future”

The team of researchers also found a lot of marine reptile remains, such as plesiosaurs and mosasaurs – a type of marine lizard, which was made famous by the movie Jurassic World.

The expedition was funded through the National Science Foundation and the United States Antarctic Program, and included scientists from the US, Australia and South Africa.

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