‘24’ The Movie: Surya shines as Athreya in the Tamil Movie

 24 The Movie Surya shines as Athreya in the Tamil Movie pardesi news 1462864598

Suriya as Athreya is the highlight of movie '24', reveals director Vikram Kumar.

The story has a complex multi-layered screenplay, handled well. The lead actor is seen in three diverse roles.  Dr. Sethuraman's (Suriya) invents a time machine inbuilt inside a watch; he lives a content life with his wife Priya (Nithya Menen) and son. Now to add villainous element to the story, Athreya the evil twin brother of the doctor plans to steal the watch. Sethuraman manages to save both his son and his invention by giving up his own life after his wife was killed by Athreya.

26 years later the little boy Mani (Suriya, again) raised by one Sathyabama (Saranya Ponvannan) playing accidentally tumbles upon the power of the watch entrusted to Sathyabama by his father. He uses it to woo Sathya (Samantha), a girl who turns up at his store to get her watch repaired. Meanwhile Athreya who was in coma for 26 years! Wakes up to find him paralysed below waist, to get back his youth he plans to track down the watch and rewrite his destiny.

Apart from a little overstretched romance, the movie keeps one interested by twists and surprises at each corner.  

This new Tamil sci-fi movie gets all thumbs up for the depiction of a time travel tale that leaves one glued to its seat.  Director Vikram Kumar should be given the due credit for making all the coincidences come together as a gripping story. Actor Suriya also portrays all the three roles to perfection, sincerity of a doctor, boyish charm of Mani which brings the romance to life, and finally Athreya the evil. 

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