Hyderabad maid tortured by her Saudi employees, looses life

Hyderabad maid tortured by her Saudi employees looses life pardesi news 1462855467

Whatever is the cause of her death, the 25-year-old girl was tortured by her Saudi employer.

An Indian woman working in Saudi Arabia, who was allegedly tortured by her employer, has lost her life, however suspense remains whether she died due to "natural reasons", or was her death a result of continuous torture by her employers.

While, the Indian External Affairs Ministry has said the Indian woman, Asima Khatoon, 25, working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, who was allegedly tortured by her employer leading to her death, had died due to "natural reasons". The Hyderabad police received a complaint from the deceased woman's mother Ghousia Khtoon alleging that her daughter, who left for Saudi Arabia last December, was tortured by her master, which subsequently led to her death. Asima Khatoon was assaulted, underwent mental and physical torture, say family. Asima, was a resident of Shah Colony in Dabeerpura Hyderabad, and had left for Riyadh in December 2015 on a ‘house maid’ visa procured via an agent. “She went there and she was assaulted there. She was kept in a room, they did not feed her. She told me she was tortured and she asked me to bring her back at any cost,” a family member was cited as saying.

Several incidents of Saudi employers abusing and torturing Indian employees have been reported in recent years. The lack of rights, issues of social security and deplorable working conditions of the overseas employees in the Middle East has been always a hot topic of discussion, and this incident just adds to the chart. Even in this case also, whereas, the Saudi government had stopped issuing ‘house maid’ about two years ago, she was, in fact, sent to Riyadh on a business visit visa for 90 days and was allegedly illegally kept in the confinement. 

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