Know the Indian Maharaja, who once Bought 7 Rolls Royce Cars and Used Them for Garbage Collection

Know the Indian Maharaja who once Bought 7 Rolls Royce Cars and Used Them for Garbage Collection because he was ignored by the salesman pardesi news 1462791253

The world’s most prestigious car brand - the Rolls Royce were once used for transportation of Alwar city’s waste garbage. The Indian Maharaja bought 7 Rolls Royce Cars and used them to collect city garbage as a ‘Revenge’ of being ignored by a sales man.

‘Royalty of India’ was known to have indulged themselves in all kinds of luxuries, and therefore being denied a service did not often go well with them. Around a century before, the world number one car brand the 'Rolls Royce' paid the price for being rude to an Indian aristocrat and later had to submit a written apology to save their image.

In the year 1920, the Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar was vacationing in London while roaming around the city he visited the Rolls Royce showroom. Mistaken to be a commoner the salesman there did not pay heed to the Maharaja and declined him a test drive of the car.

Furious by the incident he went back to hotel and asked them to arrange a visit to the showroom. He was though accorded a grand welcome by the staff this time; he ordered seven Rolls Royce cars to be shipped to India.  He also requested the same salesman to accompany the shipment.

Upon arrival and much to the dismay of the salesman, Maharaja ordered the luxurious vehicles to be used for collecting the garbage. The cars then were used to collect garbage in Alwar for a one long month.

The news spread around the world defaming the company, Rolls Royce had to accept its mistake and provided a written apology to the Maharaja for not being treated well on his first visit. they also offered these new Rolls Royce cars to the Maharaja free of cost. The ‘Maharaja’ eventually accepted their apologies thinking that Rolls-Royce Company had learned a lesson and stopped using the cars for garbage collection.

So this incident, though a bizarre one is among the several luxury facts, straight from the Indian royalty archives. 

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