Japan sets to hire 40,000 Indian engineers, the drive will start from Karnataka

Japan sets to hire 40 000 Indian engineers the drive will start from Karnataka pardesi news 1462602451

The Japanese government is mass hiring drive is set to hire thousands of engineers from India. The drive will start from India’s Silicon Valley – the Karnataka, in a phased manner.

Recently 10 officials from Japanese firm Silver Peak visited the Visvesvaraya Tech University (VTU) in Belgavi, Karnataka and other engineering colleges in parts of Karnataka to judge the skills of Indian engineers and students. It was then, when Japan government keenness in hiring 40,000 engineers, especially from Karnataka, came into light. The hiring is scheduled to happen in a phase manner. But fluency in Japanese language will be an important criterion for candidates to get Japanese jobs. For this reason, the Japanese government has also offered Japanese language programmes in different universities for the Indians.

According to a Japanese representative since several reputed engineering colleges are located in Bengaluru and parts of Karnataka, hailed as the India’s Silicon Valley they are keen on hiring engineers from there. “Since several reputed engineering colleges are located in the State, we are keen on hiring engineers from here”, said Member of Japanese delegation. However, the reports say the only reason why Japan has showed interest in hiring engineers from Karnataka is the exceptional online question paper delivery system employed by the VTU that gives no chance for any leaks and is considered the safest system yet. Importantly, the online question paper delivery system has been hailed not only in India but internationally for its robust safety systems.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has already been signed between Japan and the University, and the Minister for Higher Education TB Jayachandra. According to the vice-chancellor of the varsity HG Shekharappa, “it's a proud moment for the university as well as our country that Japan government signed MoU with VTU on March 20 for adopting of online question paper delivery system, which has been proved safest and leak proof system”. Mr. Shekharappa also informed that the VTU conducts around 6,000 examinations annually for different UG, PG and PhD programmes.

The training in Japan and learning Japanese will be the main criteria for getting selected. Additionally Japan will also start hiring about four lakh nurses from India to work for elderly people. There is also a plenty of demand for plumbers, electricians, welders, and mechanics in Japan.

With Japanese Government coming forward to hire thousands of engineers, nurses and other skill workers from India – it is certainly good news for Indian students and workers.    

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