Send Vijay Mallya Back, India Formally Says To UK

Send Vijay Mallya Back India Formally Says To UK pardesi news 1461992265

The India’s foreign ministry has written to the UK government requesting the deportation, Vijay Mallya, the boisterous Indian beer and spirits tycoon. His passport has been revoked; there is also a warrant seeking his immediate arrest.

Indian government has formally requested the United Kingdom to deport the Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya back to India. He had been summoned earlier by the Indian Supreme Court in regarding the unpaid loans to different banks amounting to voluminous around Rs. 7,000 crores.

Mr. Mallaya, 60, known for his larger than life lifestyle took the loan to start the Kingfisher Airlines with the goal of providing affordable luxury to his customers. He suffered huge losses and after huge cry by media and investors, he was asked to appear before court with a statement.

However, it was later learnt that Mr. Mallaya had already left (infact absconded) for London, UK earlier this month.

Vijay Mallaya has refused all allegations of absconding the country, saying that he has been ‘forced into an exile’. He also claims that he has been in contact with various bank authorities and wants to reach a settlement on a reasonable amount.

According to the Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup, “As of today, the ministry has written to the High Commission of the UK in Delhi requesting the deportation of Sri Vijay Mallya," adding that India has not yet heard back from the British authorities.

Vijay Mallaya is also most probably to be expelled as Member of Parliament soon and his passport has already been revoked.

It is speculated that he might have used the funds to buy properties abroad which is yet to be investigated. "I am absolutely not guilty of any of these preposterous charges of diverting funds from Kingfisher, buying properties or stuff like that," Mallya reverted back on the claims, adding that “By taking my passport or arresting me, they are not getting any money”.

Once hailed as the King of good times, Vijay Mallaya now cuts a chastened figure.  Mr Mallya built an Indian beer and spirits empire that accounts for half of the country’s formal alcoholic beverages market, he suffered a devastating financial blow in 2012 with the collapse of his once-popular, but never profitable, Kingfisher Airlines and has not recovered since then.

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