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Bad news changes to good for London's Moti Mahal

Bad news changes to good for London s Moti Mahal pardesi news 1459247696

Moti Mahal is a Punjabi restaurant in a London.

Moti Mahal, a Punjabi restaurant in London has been lauded for its food hygiene. Two weeks ago, this same place was fined for ignoring food safety laws.

The restaurant was fined more than GBP 25,000 ($39,000). It now has a rating of four on five for food hygiene, according to an inspection by Food Standards' Agency.

'I am very pleased to see our action had the desired effect and the business has now achieved a food hygiene rating of four', Councillor Julian Bell said.

It had been a bad phase for the restaurant as in four consecutive inspections between 2013 and 2015 it had received zero to maximum one rating. A number of written warnings had reached the restaurant after the inspections.
In October 2014, the restaurant was temporarily closed after a rodent infestation left mouse droppings in contact with food.

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